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Splat Professional Toothpaste Medicinal Herbs 100ml


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Splat Professional Toothpaste Medicinal Herbs 100ml

Herbal toothpaste splat medical herbs 100ml an emerald-color toothpaste for effective care of teeth and gums which contains extracts of sage, camomile and hawthorn possessing anti-inflamm atory and hemostatic propertiescalcium strengthens the tooth enamel and protects against caries. Sea-buckthorn extract helps to heal the soft membrane tissues of the mouth. The essential oil of geranium is an excellent antiseptic which has antiviral and anesthetic properties, it exerts a mild effect on one’s emotional state, gives strength and creates a happy mood.fluoride ions hasten the process of restoring tooth enamel and perform a bactericidal function.herbal toothpaste splat medical herbs contains: fluoride 0,1% (1000 ppm)herbal toothpaste splat medical herbs 100mlsplat professional toothpaste medicinal herbs 100ml 81tqghQCt1L. SL1500